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Being right: not always good.
segway Jedi
Being right is an extremely dangerous thing when the powers that be are wrong.

I've discovered a bug in our inventory software that could possibly be causing discrepancies and could be causing the company to lose money and I know how to fix it. That's great, right? Wrong. My boss---for Light knows what reason---believes that this is a normal behavior and not a glitch at all. He is not the type of man who takes being wrong well. I can prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is indeed a glitch and eliminating it would save the company money. However even bringing up the topic is likely to put me on his shit list which ultimately leads to getting laid off. He works on the assumption that his software is perfect and if things are going missing its because employees are stealing. While I can't speak for every missing item, I believe that a large portion of them were never in our warehouse to begin with and were added in error because of this glitch. Great management approach, eh?


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